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In Joint & Spine Wellness Center's Healthy Living Shop, we offer only the highest-quality, medically-effective supplements personally recommend by Vitamin Portfolio's Medical Board. We have spent years researching the highest-quality, most effective supplements on the market and we've included the best of the best in our Online Store. The vast majority of these supplements can only be purchased if you have a relationship with a physician, nutritionist or other accredited healthcare professional. All of our supplements are offered at competitive prices. Finally, your choice to buy supplements from Joint & Spine Wellness Center's Healthy Living Shop supports important training and research in the field of Functional Medicine. A portion of all proceeds are donated to non-profit institutes supporting these causes.

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Your Vital Measurements

How to Boost Your Detoxification System

Inflammation Hand-out

Balancing Macronutrients

Testing for Low Stomach Acidity

Meals n Snacks for Blood Sugar Control

Nutritional Symptoms/Questionare

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